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Sermon Series Making the most of your faith:



 Pray for Change

Framing Your Mind

Get Ready to Repent

Wisdom to See

The Case for Patience

Don't Waste Away

Reshaped for the New Year

What Are You After?


One of Us

The Narrow Path Through Chaos

What's That Smell?

Manufacturing Happiness

What Is the Gospel?

The Source of Gratitude

Walking on Water

The Child's Play That Time Forgot

Benefits of a Broken Heart

Our Double-Barreled Problem

Scales Off

 The God/Self Struggle

 A Mirror Dimly

 A House Divided

The Citizenship Question

 Treasure in a Trashbag


Bless the Lord

Look Inside

Just Pray

That Which Changes Everything


The Windblown Net


Learning to Breathe Fire


Proud and Humbled


Strength and Weakness


Love Me or Fear Me

Paradox of Mind



Effective Faith 



Easter 2019: "Get Up"


 Sermon Series Playing with God:

 Playing With God (pannel)


Playing with God 


Hide and Seek



Things will get Weird


Our latest sermon series is called, "Our Messy Holy History". We are going back to the stories in 1 Samuel. There are many lessons to be learned and its every bit as good as Game of Thrones...


6/3/18                       1 Samuel 3: 1-14                            Our Messy Holy History: Learning to Listen

6/10/18                     1 Samuel 4: 1-11                            Our Messy Holy History: God Isn't Always on Our Side

6/17/18                     1 Samuel 8: 1-18                            Our Messy Holy History: Be Careful What You Will For

6/24/18                     1 Samuel 10: 17-24                         Our Messy Holy History: Leaders and Their Baggage

7/1/18                       1 Samuel 12: 19-25                         Our Messy Holy History: Freedom Isn't Free

7/8/18                       1 Samuel 14: 6-14                           Our Messy Holy History: What a Difference One Can Make!

7/22/18                     1 Samuel 15: 10-23                          Our Messy Holy History: Regime Change



4th of July "What God Requires and the Nation Needs" (7/4/2017)


Sermon Series: Living Spirit

 Living Spirit Small

"Mystery Inside" (7/30/ 2016)


"Renewing Spirit" (7/9/2017)


"Human Tug O' War" (6/18/2017)

"Terraforming Your Emotional Landscape" (6/11/2017)



Pentecost 2017: The Real Left Behind


Sermon Series: "How to live in the Ressurection"



No Escape (5/28/2017)



Ressurection Body (5/7/2017)




Ressurection Eyes (4/30/2017)


 Living Hope (4/23/2017)


Easter 2017 "Ressurection mind" 


Sermon Series: "How to be Blessed"


Wavers and grumblers (Palm Sunday 4/9/2017)


Death Disconnection (4/2/2017)


Tailwinds Ahoy! (3/26/2017)

The Rest of the Story 

Blessed are the persecuted and righteous

Mercy ME!


Blessed are the Pure at heart.


 Who are the Children of God?


Blessed are the Poor in Spirit


Mourning has Broken 


The Real Soul Food

Sermon Series "What is Love?"

Love bares all things


Love is not Resentful


Love is not Sharp


Love does not seek its own


Love is not Rude


Love Kindness and Happiness


What is love?



Non-Series Sermons

"They are the enemy" (Armor of God)

Spirit of Resilience


The Imminence of God and the Razor's Edge


Escalator to Heaven


Faith, Hope, Love, and Jesus


Imitation Game


Why the Cross?

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