Our Staff

Jordan Byrd - Senior minister

Jordan graduated with a BA in religion from Texas Christian University.  He then moved to Lexington, Kentucky to attend Lexington Theological Seminary. He graduated with his Master's of Divinity and received the New Testament Scholar award. Jordan started his ministry by leading youth, and was a youth minister for nearly 10 years before he moved to First Christian Church in Palestine as the senior minister.

Byrd, Jordan; Pastor

Rhonda Herrington - Choir Director

Music has been an integral part of Rhonda Herrington’s life for as long as she can remember. Her mother was Wardrobe Mistress for the Houston Grand Opera and Rhonda was her shadow in the many activities of the opera company. She grew up in the midst of operatic productions (and performers), both in the concert halls and in her home. Rhonda recalls that she “babysat” for the children of world renown coloratura soprano, Beverly Sills. It seemed quite natural for her to pursue a related career, and she completed her degree from Sam Houston State University with a degree in Music, with an emphasis in Voice. She later took advanced work to receive her Master of Education degree.

And she can sing! Her undergraduate degree is in music, and her great passion for music permeates all of her activities. Some fifteen years ago, she organized the Anderson County Community Choir and Orchestra. She has been its driving force since then, serving as its musical and choir director as well as the conductor of the Christmas Concerts, annually presented with such great joy and enthusiasm to Christmas-and music-lovers alike. the concert halls and in h

Loretta Tolar -Pianist 

Ever since I began taking piano lessons in second grade, music has played an important part in my life. As a teenager, I became the pianist for the church my family attended. Since that time, I have been involved in some way in the music of the church that I was attending at the time. After I became a member at First Christian Church, Claire McCreary recruited me to the choir. (Thank you, Claire!) I then began filling in as the organist from time to time until I became the pianist for the choir. God has richly blessed me by allowing me to serve Him with such wonderful people here at First Christian Church.

Vicki Reynolds - Secretary 

She produces and distributes all church publications, (Bulletin, Newsletter, Directory, etc.) maintains the church calendar, answers phones, and  assists the Pastor and the Church Board when needed.   

Anissa Commander- Custodian

Anissa has lived and worked in Anderson County since 1999, after marrying her high school sweetheart Dustan. They have two children, Tyler and Kiera, who are actively involved in Westwood ISD and local sporting events. Anissa is a full-time Parole Officer with the State of Texas, having 24 years of experience with TDCJ. She earned her Bachelor's Degree from UT Tyler in 2003.

First Christian Voices
Gary Williams

Gary Williams

Attending worship service on Sunday morning gets my week started out great and with a purpose. I take great joy in service to the members of my church being a deacon. It is an honor to partake of the Lord's Supper.The format of the worship service is similar to the way it was when I was a boy growing up in this church. My parents were faithful members here and I can touch their memories each Sunday. Sometime certain hymns bring back wonderful memories of my parents, Red & Jeane Williams. I also enjoy and take comfort from fellowship with my church family and friends. We are so fortunate to have Rev. Jordan Byrd. He brings insight and clarity to the scriptures in a unique way. I always gain knowledge from his messages and also practicable ways to apply God's Word into everyday life experiences.