Jun 20, 2018



Music has been an integral part of Rhonda Herrington’s life for as long as she can remember. Her mother was Wardrobe Mistress for the Houston Grand Opera and Rhonda was her shadow in the many activities of the opera company. She grew up in the midst of operatic productions (and performers), both in the concert halls and in her home. Rhonda recalls that she “babysat” for the children of world renown coloratura soprano, Beverly Sills.

It seemed quite natural for her to pursue a related career, and she completed her degree from Sam Houston State University with a degree in Music, with an emphasis in Voice. She later took advanced work to receive her Master of Education degree. 

Soon after moving to Palestine, she built and operated Royal Oaks Private School, at the time the first top-of-the-line daycare facility in our area. She set the bar for all future pre-school units. She was selected by the Palestine School District, to direct and organize–basically from scratch–as principal, a newly formed Palestine campus, Washington Early Childhood Center, for Pre-K and Head Start children, which also includes a daycare for the children of teacher-parents within the Palestine School district. 

And she can sing! Her undergraduate degree is in music, and her great passion for music permeates all of her activities. Some fifteen years ago, she organized the Anderson County Community Choir and Orchestra. She has been its driving force since then, serving as its musical and choir director as well as the conductor of the Christmas Concerts, annually presented with such great joy and enthusiasm to Christmas- and music-lovers alike. 

In addition to the several organizations already mentioned, she is President of the Palestine Public library board, a member of the Chamber, Past President of the Palestine United Way, and Past President of the Tri-County Meals on Wheels Board. She brings to every organization a positive spirit of moving forward–of getting things done. In 2013 she was named Volunteer of the Year by the Palestine Chamber of Commerce. She is an active
Rotarian and has been President of the local Rotary Club. This year, she served as District Governor of Rotary District 5910–one of most demanding and (she says) rewarding jobs in all of Rotary. 

 She has 2 children,  Sandy and husband Mike have 3 children: Ashley, William, and Lauren; and Shana and husband Brian have 2 children: Cole and Avery.

Rhonda Herrington

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David Perou

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