PRAYER FOR THE WEEK October 22, 2019

Oct 28, 2019

God of life and light, 

May we be like you, full of life and radiant light. 
May we bring light to the small part of what is know to us and realize that it is you who illumines the whole. We love you great God for you are the ground and source of all things and in you we find the beginning and end of all delights. Amen 

First Christian Voices
Amy Langley

Amy Langley

I absolutely enjoy worship each Sunday! Each and every person is so happy to see everyone. Walking in the doors of the church and smiles and hugs get my week started right. This family is so important to me! I always look forward to what Reverend Jordan has for me. Every single Sunday the message is perfect. My kids love all the children activities. But with all of this being said, I love this place!