PRAYER FOR THE WEEK October 14, 2019

Oct 17, 2019

Lord let me be, but don't leave me alone. 
Lord let me be passionate but not angry.
Let me be ok with being broken, but not complacent. 
Let me be humble and not depressed. 
Let me be strong, but not calloused. 
Let me be kind, but not naive. 
Let me be still, even as I move.
Let me be still and know...
Let me be still and know that you are God. 

A prayer adapted from Psalm 46:1-11.

First Christian Voices
David Perou

David Perou

The Holy Spirit moves in this church. The chains of the world are broken in this church. True grace and love moves in this church, I can't stop sharing the excitement this God loving church brings to me!