PRAYER FOR THE WEEK March 11, 2020

Mar 16, 2020

God help us through this valley,

We walk in the middle of two mountains. On one side are the dual peaks of faith and confidence. We know you are our rock and our salvation. You save and you will keep us safe. Yet, for some of us, it is hard not to leap from the tower and hope you will catch us. It is possible to trust you so much that we become foolhardy. You gave us reason for a reason. On there is a large mountain on the other side, however, those are the dual peaks of fear and preparation. It's easy to be so afraid we lose all our senses, and out of fear, make self-fulfilling prophecies that manifest our worst nightmares. Yet it is also healthy for a good dose of fear to help us prepare for what is to come. So here we are, hoping to be in the middle, but desiring to climb out of the valley on one side or the other. It's hardest being in the valley because we cannot see to either side. Yet you are the Christ who walked the valley of death, who trod upon the waters. You are the Christ who lived his life in the valley between human and divine. Show us how to live in the middle during this time O' Lord. You are the Christ and we call to you now. 

First Christian Voices
Amy Langley

Amy Langley

I absolutely enjoy worship each Sunday! Each and every person is so happy to see everyone. Walking in the doors of the church and smiles and hugs get my week started right. This family is so important to me! I always look forward to what Reverend Jordan has for me. Every single Sunday the message is perfect. My kids love all the children activities. But with all of this being said, I love this place!