Apr 1, 2020

To you O’ Christ we sing Hosanna!

Save us Lord, Save us. We are always in your debt and always in need and, in times like these, our need for your salvation becomes all the more apparent. See us now, O Lord, in our time of need as you saw the humble poor as you entered Jerusalem. They used what little they had to praise you; common palm branches plucked from the trees. Their hands waving with palms, their shouting for salvation, in that moment created an oasis of appreciation in the thankless desert. May we who are much richer by comparison, use what little means we have to create the same kind of oasis for you wherever we dwell. Amen. 

First Christian Voices
David Perou

David Perou

The Holy Spirit moves in this church. The chains of the world are broken in this church. True grace and love moves in this church, I can't stop sharing the excitement this God loving church brings to me!