Nature: Our First Way of Knowing God

Feb 13, 2023


This small group video/study will be led by Rev. Lynn Willhite.  The study was created by Dr. Beth Norcross, Director of the Center of Spirituality in Nature and Adjunct Faculty member of Wesley Theological Seminary.  Below is a description of the study.

Long before there were synagogues, churches, or even the Bible, God made God’s self known through the creation. The Scriptures are packed full of examples of people coming to understand God through the fig tree, the sparrow, violent storms, and of course Living Waters.

Today, we live largely separate and disconnected from the Earth and its ecological processes, and yet this knowing of God in and through God’s creation is still embedded deep within us. We experience it in a sunrise or a sunset, an awe-inspiring mountain range, or a gentle stream.

This 7-week study is meant to awaken this knowing of the Creator through the creation, reconnect us with the sacred landscapes we call home, encourage us to provide space and time for spiritual reflection in nature, and to live in greater harmony with God’s Earth. It includes videos, discussion questions, and a suggested spiritual practice in nature for each week. It also encourages participants to examine and transform their own lifestyles to help bring health and wholeness to God’s beloved creation.

If you are interested in participating in this study during Lent, please call Lynn (903-922-6149). Group will begin the week of Feb. 26 for 7 weeks for 1-1 ½ hours.

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Amy Langley

Amy Langley

I absolutely enjoy worship each Sunday! Each and every person is so happy to see everyone. Walking in the doors of the church and smiles and hugs get my week started right. This family is so important to me! I always look forward to what Reverend Jordan has for me. Every single Sunday the message is perfect. My kids love all the children activities. But with all of this being said, I love this place!