May 5, 2016

Community Information--City of Palestine
News about the flood in Palestine.

  • Call 903-723-7844 to report damage of housing and property or if you need help. The bank of phones is ready to answer your questions.
  • The City of Palestine is receiving donations at the corner of  north and west Variah and Reagan. The location will be open from 8am to 8pm.
  • Hope Station, at 919 S. Magnolia, is receiving donations. If any individual or group volunteer is receiving donations, please take them to Hope Station.
  • The following articles are of the highest need: cleaning supplies, gloves, food, and bedding.
  • If you want to help as a volunteer at Timber Drive, register on Timber Drive. Hope Station and equipment from Southern Baptist Disaster Relief will be heading the cleaning groups.
  • If you or a family member needs emotional help because of the flood in Palestine, call the Help Line at 903-723-7844. Therapists will be available to help you. You can also send a text to @crisisst at 81010, or call 903-224-9593 from your mobile phone.
  • Organic Waste (branches, trees, leaves, etc) can be taken to the compost site located on Highway 19 north of the city. Solid waste can be taken to the landfill located on Highway 79 east of the city. It requires identification of a resident of the City of Palestine. If you live outside of the city and need to get rid of waste, please call Anderson County.
  • You can deposit your monetary donation to the fund in aid of the agency of United Way of East Texas at Citizen's National Bank at 207 W. Spring Street.
  • The play area of the Reagan Park is closed because of water damage. The activities of the National Day of Prayer (May 5) are still in place. Participants are asked to avoid the areas where cordoned by the Parks Department.
First Christian Voices
Betty Sullivan

Betty Sullivan

Since I am new to the church it has been a nice time of fellowship with other church members. Jordan makes the class so enjoyable with his enthusiasm while answering our questions. He explains passages in terms that make it easy for us to understand. I am really learning a lot about Bible Stories! I would encourage anyone, who wants to learn more about the Bible to come & join us. You'll be glad you did!