Let's Talk April 19, 2016

Apr 20, 2016

Last month was incredibly busy, which was no surprise as we had our holy week celebrations. I spent a lot of time on the additional services we had on holy week. In addition to writing whole new services and sermons, William, Tom and I put together some really interesting worship environments. You can see pictures of the services on Facebook and our website if you missed it. In my opinion, those services were some of the best work I have ever done. I am very proud of that work, and I think it was very impactful on the people who came. Our holy week services do, however, highlight some of the difficulties of my job. It’s always hard for me to measure my own effectiveness in terms of my job performance. One concrete measure of job performance that ministers often use is the number of people in the pews.

By the measure of attendance alone, working six twelve hour days in a row during holy week and doing almost two months of planning, in order to put on two additional services was a dismal failure. Although, if we look at the impact that a particular service has on the lives of the individuals who attended the services, I would say those services were legendary, the kind of things people will talk about for years to come. The problem is that impacting so few people, no matter how deeply, is not sustainable long term in terms of the life of this organization.

May the peace of Christ Guard your hearts and minds as you live in him.


2016 Maundy round table

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Betty Sullivan

Betty Sullivan

Since I am new to the church it has been a nice time of fellowship with other church members. Jordan makes the class so enjoyable with his enthusiasm while answering our questions. He explains passages in terms that make it easy for us to understand. I am really learning a lot about Bible Stories! I would encourage anyone, who wants to learn more about the Bible to come & join us. You'll be glad you did!