Junior Deacons are Important!

May 19, 2022

First Christian Church offers several opportunities for the youth of our church to be involved in our worship service; one of those is serving as a Junior Deacon. Being a Junior Deacon gives our young people a vital role in the worship service. They assist in serving Communion to the congregation, as this picture of Junior Deacon Nathan Langley illustrates. They can also lead in the Call to Worship and can assist in greeting and ushering.  The Minister can designate other tasks as appropriate. Youth leaders, the Chairperson of the Deacons, and the pastor work together to make appointments and to train the Junior Deacons. If you are interested in serving our church community in this role, contact Deborah McClure, Dickie Knott, or Reverend Byrd.

Junior Deacon

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David Perou

David Perou

The Holy Spirit moves in this church. The chains of the world are broken in this church. True grace and love moves in this church, I can't stop sharing the excitement this God loving church brings to me!