May 24, 2016


The Palestine community has pulled together thousands of donations as they work to rebuild the homes of Timber Drive.

Volunteers said the donations from the community, including professional football player Adrian Peterson, are transforming these homes.

“This is the way that we need to be the presence of God right now, is to rebuild these houses, so that is what we are doing,” said Palestine’s First Christian Church Pastor Jordan Byrd. “What we're doing now, is we are going through and hanging insulation and setting the drywall back up and doing the electrical work.”

Byrd said the supplies to rebuild are not coming from FEMA.

Monday afternoon, pallets of dry wall, new doors, and even brand new air conditioning units filled the driveways of all 14 devastated homes.  

“I can tell you, the first week in people had nowhere to stay,” said Byrd. “If their houses were ruined, where were they staying?”

“We lost everything,” said flood victim Jamie Calhoun. “Everybody is coming together as a community. Even McCoy’s Lumberyard dropped off a bunch of lumber.” 

Many of the flood victims said they are most excited to see what their homes will look like in a few months.  

Flood victim Semetra Handsborough took us through her family home, three weeks following the flooding disaster.

“I think it's going to look better than it did before,” said Handsborough. 

“This has been a terrible tragedy, a terrible disaster, but to see how the community comes together has really been amazing,” said Byrd. “I have never seen anything like this in my lifetime.”

The residents at Timber Drive have about three months to get their homes in a livable condition.

Prior to this assistance from the community, many residents believed they would have no home at all.

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