Father's Day 2022

Jun 22, 2022

Children enrich our worship experience. During our worship service, children are invited to join Reverend Byrd at the front of the church for a “children’s sermon” and prayer. Adult worshippers often join in the prayer response that ends the children’s sermon. After the prayer, the children leave with an adult volunteer who leads them in age appropriate activities that nurture their faith. The children return to the worship service in time to join the congregation in Communion, the Offering, and the Benediction. On Father’s Day Sunday, the children distributed “ties” they had made over the past few weeks as one of their age appropriate activities. Pictured here are Lauren Davis giving her father a tie and Levi Garett distributing ties to the Dads in the service. We are thankful for Dickie Knott, who is the Youth Chair, the volunteers who help her, and the children.

FCC Fathers Day 2022Fcc Fathers Day 1

First Christian Voices
David Perou

David Perou

The Holy Spirit moves in this church. The chains of the world are broken in this church. True grace and love moves in this church, I can't stop sharing the excitement this God loving church brings to me!