PRAYER FOR THE WEEK November 11, 2019

Nov 14, 2019

The Litany of Breath,
We have breathed billions of breaths and what thought have we given to them? We breathe and we live, you breathe and the leaves move, the trees sway, the hot are given reprieve and the cold shiver. We breathe tender in the ears of lovers, malice with angry words, deep with laughter, and groaning in pain. You breathe and the trees fall, the heavens quake. We breathe in effort to stay fit and complete the work of the day. You breathe and hours in the salon are undone. We breathe still and slow to bolster patience. You breathe the still small voice. We breathe because of you. You breathed and life was made. May all breath praise the Lord! Amen 

First Christian Voices
David Perou

David Perou

The Holy Spirit moves in this church. The chains of the world are broken in this church. True grace and love moves in this church, I can't stop sharing the excitement this God loving church brings to me!